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The Institute of Civil Infrastructure

Our Vision

The Institute of Civil Infrastructure (ICI) will support a strong and sustainable civil infrastructure industry and the careers and futures of its people by improving management standards and continual professional learning of managers in the industry.

Our Mission

We will provide industry standards and recognition, continual professional learning and networks that support the futures of civil infrastructure supervisors and managers.

Our Values

  • Inclusive & Respectful  - An inclusive and respectful community for civil infrastructure Members
  • Professional Excellence - Professional collaboration for networking and continuing professional development for industry excellence
  • Equitable - Fair and impartial grading standards for industry acknowledgement, recognition and advancement 
  • Transparent - Clear communication, structure and delivery of  a civil infrastructure industry management standards program 

From early career supervisors through to industry leaders, ICI provides a diverse and flexible suite of relevant continual learning opportunities


 Why ICI is For You

Our Purpose - Supporting People’s Futures

Our industry has identified a critical need for a structured civil-specific career progression program for supervisors, managers and leaders to provide recognised standards and also strengthen and sustain the industry.

The attraction and retention of people to the industry, and the inclusion and support of current students aspiring to work in the sector, is imperative.

The Institute of Civil Infrastructure (ICI) is the body that supports this need. ICI is designed by the industry for the industry.

ICI is for individuals. It’s for any civil people supervising or managing people. It’s for CEO’s, engineers and leading hands.


The ICI Learning Program

 Continual Learning

What is it?

The ICI Learning Program supports individuals to set goals and pursue career aspirations. The ICI Learning Program is a continuing professional development (CPD) program that supports the career progression of Civil Infrastructure Managers (CIM).

It provides a means to continually learn about technical, people and business management in the civil industry. It provides flexibility to follow personal interests, with the confidence that what is provided is truly relevant to the civil industry.  

The ICI Learning Program:

  • gives early career people the opportunity to learn relevant material and do it within a structure
  • provides and maintains cutting-edge knowledge and practice for the more experienced manager; and
  • facilitates space to consider innovation, future proofing, and dialogue on issues that will look to a sustainable future for the industry for very experienced and senior person.

For all Members, ICI offers a community of industry experts willing to share their knowledge and experience and support your future.

It is a continual professional development (CPD) program to support the career progression of CIM's.

The ICI Learning Program is made up of:

  • Learning Courses which offer small group, classroom-style learning events that are delivered face to face and across the internet. All are undertaken live so the participants can interact with each other and the trainer; and
  • Learning Events which include conferences, seminars and topical speakers. These will also provide excellent networking opportunities.

Both Courses and Events will provide the Member CPD points. The amount to be earnt will be visible in the event booking summary.

Who is it for?

The ICI Learning Program is for all Civil Infrastructure Managers (CIM).

We define these as anyone managing another person (eg. Leading Hands), first-time supervisors and engineering graduates, right through to the most experienced managers and leaders across the civil construction and maintenance industry. These include:

  • Leading Hands and first-time supervisors and managers
  • New and recent graduates
  • Middle management
  • Experienced managers and leaders, and
  • Business owners - small and large

Flexibility with Structure

An important feature of the ICI Learning Program is that it offers flexibility of choice in areas of study.

CIM's are free to pick and choose the courses they wish to undertake - there are no mandatory learning elements.

However, we also offer Core Advantage , a defined selection of Learning Courses across three stages that covers the first 10-15 years of a CIM's career.