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What is it?

The ICI Learning Program supports individuals to set goals and pursue career aspirations.

The ICI Learning Program is a continuing professional development (CPD) program that supports the career progression of Civil Infrastructure Managers (CIM). 

It provides a means to continually learn about technical, people and business management in the civil industry. It provides  flexibility to follow personal interests, with the confidence that what is provided is truly relevant to the civil industry.

The ICI Learning Program:

  • gives early career people the opportunity to learn relevant material and do it within a structure
  • provides and maintains cutting-edge knowledge and practice for the more experienced manager; and,
  • facilitates space to consider innovation, future proofing, and dialogue on issues that will look to a sustainable future for the industry for very experienced and senior person.

For all Members, ICI offers a community of industry experts willing to share their knowledge and experience and support your future.

It is a continual professional development (CPD) program to support the career progression of CIM's.

The ICI Learning Program is made up of:

  • Learning Courses which offer small group, classroom-style learning events that are delivered face to face and across the internet. All are undertaken live so the participants can interact with each other and the trainer; and, 
  • Learning Events which include conferences, seminars and topical speakers. These will also provide excellent networking opportunities

Both Courses and Events will give the Member CPD points. The amount to be earnt will be visible in the event booking summary.

Who is it for?

The ICI Learning Program is for all Civil Infrastructure Managers (CIM).

We define these as  anyone managing another person (eg: Leading Hands), first-time supervisors and engineering graduates, right through to the most experienced managers and leaders across the civil construction and maintenance industry. These include:

  • Leading Hands and first-time supervisors and managers
  • New and recent graduates
  • Middle management
  • Experienced managers and leaders
  • Business owners - small and large

Flexibility with structure

An important feature of the ICI Learning Program is that it offers flexibility of choice in areas of study.

CIM's are free to pick and choose the courses they wish to undertake - there are no mandatory learning elements.

However, we also will offer Core Advantag, a defined selection of Learning Courses across three stages that covers the first 10-15 years of a CIM’s career.


Setting Standards

A leading group of industry advisors and industry peers work with ICI to develop both the civil specific grading criteria and the ICI Learning Program.

The Grading Standards Committee (GSC) comprises civil contractors who include project directors, engineers, civil business owners, designers and practitioners - all managers and leaders in the civil industry.

The GSC is the diverse group of industry experts who provide advice to the Board and management arm of ICI. They have carriage of the development of criteria for the industry management standards and the Learning Program content.

Ultimately, decisions relating to structure, standards and policy are the responsibility of the ICI Board, who are themselves all Civil Infrastructure Managers. 

An Appeals Committee is also appointed to hear ICI decision appeals.

ICI.... created for the industry by the industry

Learning Program Framework

The Learning Framework comprises Learning Courses and Events spanning three key management skill-set areas critical to the civil and infrastructure industry:

All ICI Learning Program Courses and Events are specifically tailored to the interests and needs of the people in the civil industry. Ultimately, this benefits the development of a skilled and sustainable industry and is the key reason ICI was created.

It is possible for a non-CIM Member to undertake the Learning Program. However, as CIM Membership supports the ICI to achieve its Mission, CIM Members get significant discounts on the cost of training.

Flexibility of choice is critical. Each CIM has the choice of what to focus on, and when. Unless wishing to take advantage of the benefits of ICI Core Advantage, the CIM can follow their interests, and fill the gaps they have in their management skills set.

Technical (Civil) Management  

In Technical (Civil) Management the CIM learning offerings will include civil learnings in areas including:

  • Site Control
  • Materials
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Engineering Construction and Maintenance
  • Design
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Techniques

People Management  

In People Management the CIM learning offerings will include civil learnings in areas including:

  • Managing Self
  • Managing Others
  • Leadership
  • Organisations and People
  • Employment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workplace Health and Safety

Business and Operations

In Business and Operations the CIM learning offerings will include civil learnings in areas including:

  • Risk Management
  • Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Estimating and Tendering
  • Commercial and Contract Management
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Business Governance


Planning your Learning Program

We have developed an extensive range of courses for you to choose from. They are scheduled well into the future and can be seen in our Calendar. If you click on the course you can see the detail, and book. It explains the course, the CPD points you earn, whether the course is part of the Core Advantage, what the content and outcomes of the course are, and gives a guide as to who should attend.

We recommend you plan each year out well in advance to ensure you have attended enough activities to meet your CPD. To maintain your CPD you will need to attend approximately 4-5 Learning Course events per year over the 3-year cycle. This may change depending on what other non-ICI learning you are doing.