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Membership & Grading Fees

Our membership fees are set to reflect our committment to access and equity. They are adjusted annually and are set by the Board. As a not for profit organisation, all fees are used to deliver more value and increasing service to our Members.

Membership is paid annually in advance, and the date you join will be your renewal date for the remainder of your time with ICI.

All fees are paid online, and include GST and credit card fees.


Our entry level fees as at 30 June 2020 are:

Type of Member One-Off Join  
Processing Fee   
Annual Membership Fee
(Paid every 12 months)
Grading Fee
(Paid if you apply for Grading)
Student Free Free N/A
Entrant CIM WAIVED $268 $300

Once CIM have been Graded above Entrant, the fees are:

Type of Member Annual Membership Fee
(Paid every 12 months)  
Grading Fee
(Paid if you apply for Grading)
Practitioner CIM $290 $300
Advanced CIM $330 $300
Expert CIM $370 $300
Master CIM $410 $300



Membership Renewal

We will automatically forward an invoice to your nominated email address one month prior to your Join Date anniversary each year. It is, naturally, your responsibility to maintain the email address currency!

You pay by login to the Member portal and using credit or debit card.

Should your renewal fee not be paid in full by the time it is due, your Membership benefits services will automatically be put on hold. If it is not paid within one month of being due, your Membership will automatically be terminated. Our team will keep in touch with you during this process to ensure you can maintain your Membership.


Learning Program Fees

Fees to attend Learning Program Courses and Events are separate to Membership, and are detailed in each event prior to booking. Attendance is paid in advance at the time of booking.

The ICI Learning Program is made up of:

Learning Courses which offer small group, classroom-style learning events that are delivered face to face and via Live Stream. All are undertaken live so the participants can interact with each other and the Presenter 

Learning Events which include conferences, seminars and topical speakers. These will also provide excellent networking opportunities


Non-Members can attend most of the Courses  and some of the Events, but as their cost is subsidised by Membership fees, Members receive a significant discount. Check out our upcoming Learning Courses and Learning Events in our Calendar.



ICI Code of Conduct

Civil Infrastructure professionals work to create, design and build innovative best practice solutions for a sustainable future and safe communities in the nation’s civil infrastructure.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to define, as best we are able, the values and principles for the ICI Community and shape the highest standards of management decision-making, professional practice and continual professional development.

The ICI Community includes Members, learning partners and presenters, staff and sponsors. Members of ICI agree to the standards of the Code of Conduct and to integrate these standards into their professional practice.

Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct in order to maintain their good standing with the Institute and their Member colleagues. The Code applies to all Members regardless of membership type or Grade.

To download a copy of the Code of Conduct or ICI’s Vision, Mission and Values, please click below: