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Be rewarded






The new ICI Employer Recognition Program provides a means for employers who invest in staff development to be recognised nationally.

Encouraging employers across Australia to raise professional standards, the Program is the first ever civil industry specific recognition system.

Program Benefits:

  • Be branded as a business committed to raising professional standards in the industry
  • Showcase yourself as an employer of choice to current and future staff
  • Partner Levels allow you to rise through the Program over time
  • A national standard and brand
  • Suits employers of all sizes

There is no cost to Employers participating in the Program



Levels of Partnership

Entering the Program is optional, and free:

There are three Partner levels an employer can attain based on 3 criteria - courses, Membership and Gradings.

Criteria Elite Partner Premier Partner Partner
Commitment to raise industry standards. Agree to Code of Conduct Yes Yes Yes
% of CIMs with two or more courses purchased each year >15 >10 >5
Number of CIMs with ICI Professional Growth Plans in place (PGP) >5 0 0
Number of CIMs with a Grading 0 0 0

In subsequent years the threshhold will lift as standards rise


Entitlements at Each Level

For entering the Program, the Employer receives entitlements that we will provide them.

Entitlements Included Elite
Premier Partner Partner
Employer provided with Partner logo, and entitled to use
Logo has the Partner level defined
Employer is listed with overview and contact details on ICI website (in Partner level order) as an Employer of Choice
Employer issued a Certificate (click for example) detailing audit date and Partner Level attained – can be used in tenders
e-magazine issued to employers
e-magazine lists Employers who achieve new / step-up level
Mention of partners in ICI Australia's social media
Complementary Partner information events: Webinars with special guests for employers only covering professional development / education / training / retention etc.
Note: Expansion later once university programs commence
Ability to change up a level during a year with additional audit (nominal cost involved)
For CCF NSW Members only: Inclusion of certification in Find a Business directory
For CCF NSW Members only: Employer included in the Career in Civil website as an Employer of Choice


Annual Review & Evidence

Employers will be required to:

On completion employers will be issued the certification and receive entitlements.

Download a copy of the Program brochure