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Continuing Professional Development  (CPD)

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is at the core of maintaining current competencies, cutting edge business and professional practices, exploring new trends and thought leadership.

CPD should be a lifelong, systematic and planned process to maintain and develop professional competence, creativity and innovation. The outcome has value for both the individual and their industry & profession.

Any learning activity which maintains, develops or increases knowledge, technical skills, problem-solving or professional performance standards can be included in the CPD toolbox. The over-arching goal is to provide top quality professional services and to build and strengthen a sustainable Civil and Infrastructure industry talent pool.


Why is CPD important?

Continuing Professional Development helps ensure skills and knowledge are up to date.

Undertaking high quality CPD is particularly important in today's fast moving technological world as the pace of change can soon make previous learning out-of-date.


It is with this in mind, ICI has structured the CPD requirements.

How does CPD work at ICI?

 How does CPD work at ICI

  • ICI CPD points are achieved over a three-year cycle – you are best to manage that distribution by selecting sessions evenly over three years
  • Your ICI Member portal will show your CPD balance and requirements
  • Each ICI Learning Course has CPD points
  • Each ICI Learning Event has CPD points
  • ICI will allow you to claim non-ICI professional development activity
  • You can take career break leave from doing CPD as a sabbatical for things like parental leave, sick leave, working or extended travel overseas, etc. 
  • You may request a Grace Period to achieve the CPD Points required to complete the CPD Cycle that is in default
  • All of this is described  in full in ICI CPD Policy

CPD Types

To understand the rules for CPD, and how it works, download the ICI CPD Policy and the CPD Types and Conditions for Non-ICI claims.


Claiming your CPD   

Simply login to your Member portal and add your non-ICI claim and upload the required evidence. 

How will I know my CPD points total?

Your ICI Member portal will show you your CPD points balance and requirements every time you login.
You will also get email reminders to help you keep track of balances.


Connect and Communicate - ICI Topical Networking CPD

The Institute is not simply about formal classroom learning - it’s also about connecting people and communicating industry specific information. Learning events such as conferences, seminars and short events with highly topical speakers or panels are also a fundamental part of the ICI learning engagement experience.

Topical networking events offer the opportunity to connect with and learn from industry experts, leaders and managers. It is an opportunity to widen and strengthen your network and boost your career prospects and business activity. 

As such topical networking events will also gain CPD points.  
 View the 2019 calendar here.

The ICI Core Advantage

Take advantage of the industry advised and recommended Core Learning Plans at each Learning Stage, and gain recognition and extra points towards your Grading Application...just part of the ICI Core Advantage.


The purpose of the Core Learning Guidelines is to allow each ICI Member – both the non-graded Entrant CIM and the Graded CIM – to optimise their learning experience and strengthen their employment options by taking the option of focusing learning on a structured path...the industry's civil management standard.

Core Learning PLan - ICI advantage



Just one advantage of this is the CIM will get additional points toward their Grading Application. By completing one of the 3 sections (Technical, People and Business & Operations) in each of the 3 Stages, the person gets a boost score towards their Grading application.

Because the courses listed in the ICI Core Learning Plans are linked to the new ICI civil infrastructure industry standards, employers will understand that the applicant has practical, civil industry specific learnings across a broad range of key learning areas.

This will set that applicant apart from those who have not completed the Core Learning Plan...just part of the ICI Core Advantage.

The Stages are:

3 Stages of Learning

The Core Courses

The Grading Standards Committee has determined that there are 12 courses in each of the 3 Stages.

A mix of Technical, People, and Business & Operations have been set in each stage Stage. The mix is designed to achieve a broad mix of skills relevant to all Civil Infrastructure Managers.

Each course is 4 hours long. They can be done in any order. You do not need to have done Stage 1 before 2, or 2 before 3. It's your choice...You are in charge of your future!

Once completed, your Grading score gets a boost!

Download a copy of the 

An ICI Advantage

The Core Learning Plan


Do I have to do the Core Learning?


No, the Core Stages are an option, they are not prescriptive or even sequential. For example, you can just do Stage 2, or even just the People courses in Stage 2. It's your choice...You are in charge of your future!

The Core Stages allow you to plot your individual requirements to your own career aspirations, or to discover new areas of practice or knowledge of interest.

You must however, complete enough Learning Courses to meet your CPD requirements.


CPD Professionals conduct the courses

The question is – why not take advantage of the ICI Core Advantage?