What is the ICI?

The Institute is a Not for Profit organisation whose Members are individuals in the industry. We are governed by a Board that are all ICI CIM Members.

We are built by the industry for the industry. Our Mission says it all: “We will provide industry standards and recognition, continual professional learning, and networks that support the futures of civil infrastructure supervisors and managers”

What are the Benefits of Joining ICI?

The list is long…

  • Significant discounts on training
  • Access to learning events
  • Access to Grading…and postnominals
  • Recognition in the industry
  • Access to the ICI Core Advantage
  • Access to regular industry updates

Access to a networked community of civil people

What is the Learning Program?

The ICI Learning Program supports the career journey of an individual working in management or supervision in the civil infrastructure industry.

The Learning Program is suite of Learning Courses and Learning Events

Learning Course content focuses on three civil specific skill-set areas:  

  1. Technical (Civil) Management
  2. People Management
  3. Business & Operations

These courses are typically between 2 and 4 hours long.

Learning Events are conferences and seminars that provide the opportunity to learn and network.

Who can be part of the ICI Learning Program?

Anyone who works in the civil infrastructure industry can participate in the Courses and/or join ICI as an Entrant CIM. Student Members and Affiliates will also have access to Events and Courses, but do not have any CPD points requirements.

Do I have to be a Member to do the training?

No. The Learning Courses are open to everyone. Members of ICI pay an annual fee and that fee goes towards administration of ICI, and so they get a significant discount on course cost.

Is there much variety in the training?

Yes!  We have over 70 courses on offer and we are currently working on bringing in more facilitators to present a wider range of courses!

Do I have to have a degree to join ICI?

No. While a person with formal educational qualifications from the ICI approved list of civil qualifications can join as an Entrant CIM, another way to enter is to simply manage another human in the civil space.

Can I join ICI as a student?

Yes. Those studying a course on the ICI approved list of civil qualifications list can join as ‘Student CIM’.

What are the CPD obligations?

CIM Members who attend Learning Program gain continual professional development (CPD) points for doing so.

Each CIM must earn a minimum number of CPD every three years.  

Where is the Program to be delivered?

The Institute is a national body, however the initial launch in November 2018 offers delivery in NSW only. The delivery model is very flexible, with face to face and video conferencing facilities provided to ensure participation can occur from anywhere. Recently, we have opened up our services to Queensland and Western Australia, however, participants in these states will be required to take part remotely, as ICI is based in NSW.

I live in a regional area outside Sydney, can I still do training?

Yes! The Program will offer video conferencing access so you can join in the class-room and interact with other participants.

Do I have to follow a set course program?

No. Participants can self-select Learning Courses based on their learning needs and interests. With over 70 courses on offer, there is something for everyone!

However, for those who want it, we have set out CORE Learning Programs. Undertaking these CORE courses will give you additional points towards your Grading Assessment.

Who can get Graded?

Only CIM Members can apply for a Grading.

Is Grading done by an exam?

No. Members apply for a Grading when their experience reflects they are ready. There is no submission, paperwork or forms to fill in. Members simply update their Career History on the Member portal and, when they have enough score, apply for that Grade. Grading recognises this experience, knowledge and skills and awards the individual the right to use associated letters after their name (post nominals).

Is ICI expensive?

No. The Institute is a Not for Profit organisation committed to building a strong, sustainable civil infrastructure industry and skilled workforce. This is reflected in our fee structure, which is low by comparison to other like professional development programs.

Membership is just a few hundred dollars each year and for most in the industry is likely tax deductible.

Each Learning Course and Learning Event has a fee when you register which will be set according to variables like site, length, complexity etc.

Who will deliver the Learning Courses?

The expertise needed by our industry is housed largely within our Learning Partners. They construct and deliver training tailored specifically to the needs of the civil industry.

Could I be a Presenter with ICI?

We would be pleased to hear from those who believe they have skills or expertise that might be relevant. Please Contact Us.

Professional Engineers Registration

In many regions of Australia, it is now compulsory for certain types of Engineers to be registered.

Each State and Territory manages its own requirements for mandatory registration, resulting in differing registration requirements for each. As a Professional Engineer, it is your responsibility to ensure you abide by the regulations of each jurisdiction in which you provide services.

Detailed information on each jurisdiction's requirements is available here.  

Course Cancellation Policy

What are our course cancellation terms?

If you wish to cancel or change your booking, please email us at admin@iciaustralia.com at least 14 days (the Notice Period) before the scheduled course.

Courses are booked in the name of an individual and are not transferable.

There is no cost if you transfer the fee to another course before the Notice Period.

A $50 (inc GST) processing fee applies if you request a refund of the booking fee before the Notice Period.

No credit, transfer of fee or refund is given if cancellation is requested within the Notice Period of the course.