The Institute of Civil Infrastructure Board and Executive Team

The Institute of Civil Infrastructure (AUS) Ltd (ICI) is a not for profit organisation, structured as a company limited by guarantee. Its Members control it.

The  Board of ICI  is made up of persons who are all ICI Civil Infrastructure Managers .

The duties of the ICI Board are defined in the ICI's Constitution and a Board Charter which the Board Members formally resolve to abide by.
The Charter includes that each Board Member must:

  • Act with care and diligence;
  • Act in good faith and in the best interests of the ICI  and for a proper purpose;
  • Represent the Members of ICI, not their individual business interests, when acting in capacity of the Board;
  • Avoid conflict of interest and disclose to the Board as soon as possible where there may be the potential for a conflict; and
  • Hold strictly confidential any and all information they receive in their capacity as a Board Member.

The Board of ICI appoints a CEO who reports directly and solely to it.



Current Board Members and Executive

Mr Lee Fahey (President) 

Ms Kim Liddell (Vice President & Treasurer) 

Mr Stephen Cherrie (Board Member) 

Mr John Wade (Board Member)

Mr Micheal O'Keeffe (Board Member)

Mr David Castledine (CEO & Company Secretary)



Annual Reports

Please find below a list of our Annual reports, click the links to download a copy:

Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Report 2020-21

Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report 2018-19