A Membership

The communities individuals connect with
are essential to our sense of belonging
and reflect our interests, values and
what we stand for as Members of society.

 Be Informed.  Be Recognised.  Be Community

The concept of community stands strong on the three principles of interaction, participation and service.

ICI is committed to these three principles in its Community.

ICI seeks to create a supportive learning community for the great men and women in our industry to interact and learn from each other, conduct business and develop partnerships and friendships. Through their interaction and participation at ICI, they find a place to belong, to receive recognition, to give back and to offer support to those who follow in their footsteps.


 Types of Membership at ICI

There are three types of ICI Membership:

  1. The Civil Infrastructure Manager (CIM)
  2. Affiliate – part of the broader community connected with the civil industry
  3. Student – currently studying for an ICI Approved Qualification at a recognised Australian tertiary institution with more than 50% study load


The Civil Infrastructure Manager (CIM)

The CIM is either:

  1. A person with civil work experience but who is supervising/managing another person (even if briefly during their work day) or a number of people
  2. A graduate with an ICI Approved Qualification from a recognised Australian tertiary provider or an approved overseas education provider.


All CIMs first join as an Entrant,
however the experienced CIMs (typically more than 3 years of experience)
can then apply for a Grading Assessment immediately.

Where do you fit?

Please read our boxes below:

Affiliate Members

 The civil and infrastructure community relies on its strong ties with individuals who support the industry directly and indirectly.

We are keen to form an inclusive network of civil and infrastructure people including individuals who provide support services and businesses, and civil related academics, all of whom are critical to the sustainability of the industry.

If you are such an individual, we invite you to be part of the ICI community and network.

Student Members

 YOU, the civil students are the future supervisors, leaders and managers. We welcome you and encourage you to be part of the ICI learning community and mix with those who may well become your mentors and employers.

If you are a full or part time student (you must have a minimum of 50% study load) at a recognized Australian tertiary education institution doing an approved civil related qualification, you can join ICI and start your journey today.
In the interests of supporting the industry’s future workforce talent, your Student Membership is FREE.

Further, you can transition easily after graduation to become a CIM Member and build your career to take advantage of the CIM grades and gain recognition during your career.