Course Details

Managing diversity in the workplace (2) - Managing a diverse team

Key topics covered:

  • The benefits of a diverse workplace 

    o Talents, skills and experience  
    o Creates Innovation 
    o Language skills can open doors for a business
    o Grows your talent pool
    o Improves employee performance

  • The impact of being one of the few 

    o What it’s like to be a minority in a workplace, and how this damages productivity

  • What do the minority workers need from their supervisors?
  • What it’s ok to say, and not to say, to staff as a manager
  • How to foster diversity in the workplace
  • Manage tensions and encourage collaboration and respect between staff who struggle to work effectively with a diverse workforce
  • Build a foundation for provision of equality in employment opportunities
  • Build an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion

Learning Outcomes:

This short course will equip managers with a toolkit of skills to manage a diverse workforce. It will encourage staff to see that working effectively with difference is a strength that can improve your organisation’s performance and customer relations. 
At the completion of this course you will have an understanding of your own self-management, the learning and development skills required to reflect on and review your own prejudices. 
You will also be able to identify and foster diversity within the team and promote the benefits of a diverse workplace. 

Who Should Attend
This level is intended to support the growing learning needs and career journey of PCIM (3-7yrs exp)

None but we recommend P0202 and P0203

4 Hours


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P0206 - 06
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