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Managing diversity in the workplace (3) - Managing managers

Key topics covered:

The key topics covered in this short course focus on how to manage the supervisors and managers that report to you to achieve a harmonious diverse workplace: 

  • The corporate need for diversity
  • The pressures your direct-report managers are facing
  • Tools and strategies to convince and guide the managers that report to you to support minorities in the workplace
  • Mentoring your managers to manage tensions and encourage collaboration and respect between their staff who struggle to work effectively within a diverse workforce
  • Measuring the performance of your managers against these goals
  • Build a foundation for provision of equality in employment opportunities
  • Build and inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion
  • Your personal obligation - the place the law and company policy has in that process   

Learning Outcomes:

This short course will equip managers with tools and strategies to support the managers that report to them achieve a harmonious and productive diverse workplace. 
At the completion of this course you will be able to foster support for diversity within the supervisory team that reports to you. 

Who Should Attend
This learning level is intended to support experienced civil managers with more than 6-12 years industry experience.

"P0206 is a Prerequisite for this course. It must be completed prior to undertaking P0207 P0203 is strongly recommended "

4 Hours


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P0207 - 06
Live Webinar or ICI Learning Centre
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