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Understanding a Construction Environment Management Plan for the new ma

Key topics covered: 

  • The objective of the training is to provide an overview to environmental management systems, including WHS requirements and legislative framework. The course will provide participants an introduction to the processes taken during development and implementation of a construction environmental management plan. Topics include:
  • Legislative framework and requirements of CEMP 
  • Purpose and function 
  • Basic principles and methodology 
  • CEMP example 
  • How to read a CEMP
  • Important features of the CEMP – critical processes which must be followed
  •  Common mistakes and lessons learnt

Learning Outcomes:

The attendees will learn of the purpose, function and basic principles of the CEMP, how to interpret it, and the requirements and responsibilities of principal contractor, the environmental consultant and EPA Auditor/regulator.

Who Should Attend
Leading Hands, New Supervisors/Engineers and project delivery people


4 Hours


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Currently Scheduled Course Dates

T0011 - 06
Live Webinar or ICI Learning Centre
1300 424 287

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