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Everything we do is for the benefit of our Industry.

Join us and enjoy a range of career enhancing benefits.
There’s a Membership level for every need.




Learn, be recognised, be rewarded.






Two ICI Membership Options


Civil Infrastructure Manager (CIM) Member

You have civil work experience and are supervising/managing another person or people (even if briefly) OR you are a graduate with an ICI Approved Qualification from a recognised Australian or overseas institution



Student Civil Infrastructure Manager (CIM) Member

You are currently studying for an ICI Approved Qualification at a recognised Australian institution with more than 50% study load. To support you the best way we can, student Memberships are FREE.




All CIMs first join as an Entrant, however the experienced CIMs can then apply for a Grading Assessment immediately.

Find out what’s right for you below!


The Benefits of Membership







Be recognised

Be recognised

Be rewarded

Be rewarded



No matter who you are, or where you are in your career, Membership will enhance your professional life. You’ll be more highly skilled, better connected, more clearly and easily recognised – and better rewarded.

Membership of The Institute offers access to a community of industry peers and experts willing to share their knowledge and experience to support your future; you’ll enjoy exclusive Member-only event invitations, discounted Civil-specific professional development, rewarding and enjoyable networking evenings, and benefit from nationally recognised grading (details below).




Be Recognised - Let them know what you’ve achieved!


All CIM Members are entitled to be Graded to gain civil industry standard
post-nominals according to their skills and experience.

The Institute’s Grading system is the only civil specific system in Australia. It was created specifically for the civil industry and the Grading standard is set and maintained by civil industry people.

The Grading process is simple, just build your profile online and apply when ready. There are no exams.

And the rewards are great! Adding those letters after your name can be a satisfying experience as you progress through further professional development and update them as you gain further experience and expertise.

Industry recognition lets your peers and employers understand at a glance the hard work you’ve put in. So, go for your Masters – as an ICI Member, all the professional development you need is now available to you – you simply have to take advantage of it at your own pace.






Your post nominals is PCIM





Your post nominals is ACIM



Your post nominals is ECIM


Your post nominals is MCIM

Why you should join The Institute


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