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Project Timeline Planning (1) - Fundamentals

Key topics covered:

 This course will provide a detailed introduction to the project scheduling. It will include an overview of:

  • How a project’s scope is decomposed into a list of activities;
  • Defining and sequencing activities;
  • Estimating resources and durations;
  • Techniques for soliciting information from groups;
  • Network diagrams, and the critical path and critical chain methodologies;
  • Schedule visualisation techniques, including: milestone charts, roadmaps, Gantt charts, line-of-balance and time/distance diagrams;
  • How risk and uncertainty are integrated into project schedules as contingency;
  • Schedule contingency approaches;
  • Schedule optimisation with imposed parameters and constraints;
  • Schedule elements of vendor bid analyses and frameworks;
  • Contract delivery terms and penalties, and how to meet and monitor compliance with contract terms and penalties;
  • Change control and contract variations, and how variations are triggered and managed;
  • Communicating project schedule information in status reports; and,
  • The importance process and reporting at the site level
  • Further opportunities for developing as a project professional.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of how to develop and control a project schedule. 
The participant will gain the ability to:

  • Read, understand and review project schedules
  • Communicate project progress to internal and customer audiences with status reports
Who Should Attend
This course is suitable for those who are beginning to work in project scheduling or becoming involved in managing projects.

None, but we strongly recommend T0018 and T0020

4 Hours


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Live Webinar
Constructive Mentoring - David Chatwin
1300 424 287

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