Employers Portal


As your Professional Development Partner, we understand the need for flexibility not only in our course delivery but in our booking process.





With just a few easy steps you, as an employer representative, can use the Portal to book training Learning Courses, Learning Conferences and Learning Events for your employees. Whether you are a organisation owner, training manager or project manager, the Portal provides an easy interface for you to undertake a no fuss booking process.

The Portal also allows access to a history of the bookings your organisation has made with us. If you already have an Employer Representative with a login, you can proceed straight to login of the Portal. The usual options are available if you cannot remember things!

If you don’t have a login already then we will first need to check if you or your organisation are known to us. If not, the Portal will run you through a quick set-up process.

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A word or three about language...

For each Employer, we must have a main contact. That person controls the Employer's details with us and so there is only one of them per Employer.

An Employer can have many ‘employer representatives’. These people are authorised to book events and courses. They cannot book anyone in without paying in advance, and all their actions are are passed through the main contact so this way we know it’s safe to give them access.

‘Members’ are individuals who have joined The Institute. A person does not need to be a Member of The Institute for you to book them into a course or event (but Members do get discounts!)

Before proceeding, please ensure you are certain of the correct ABN of the Employer you are booking for.