What do I need to start my registration as a
Professional Engineer in Queensland?

The Professional Engineers Act 2002 (QLD) requires that anyone carrying out professional engineer services in Queensland, or for Queensland, must meet certain standards and then be registered as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).
Registration as a RPEQ in Civil Engineering demonstrates an engineer’s qualification, competency, experience and ongoing commitment to development and learning.

There are 2 steps to becoming Registered:

Step 1

Apply to an approved assessment entity (such as ICI Australia for Civil Engineering) to have your experience, competencies and qualifications assessed. You will need to provide the correct supporting information and documentation to ensure the assessors can accurately determine your competence.

Step 2

On receipt of your positive assessment, a registration application is lodged with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland, that includes the letter of assessment, and fitness to practice declaration.

There is a financial cost in using ICI Australia as your assessment provider. There is also a cost in lodging your application with the BPEQ (Details on these can be found on the BPEQ website)

ICI Australia – Your assessment provider

ICI Australia is an approved assessment entity for Civil Engineering

Note that ICI Australia is not approved to assess

  • Structural Engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

You will need to seek alternative entities to receive assessment in these areas.


There are a number of steps and requirements in applying for assessment. This can be summarized as:

  1. The Applicant reviews the ICI Australia and BPEQ websites to ensure they understand requirements
  2. The applicant completes the application form including making payment
  3. The Institute conducts an initial review to ensure eligibility requirements are met
  4. The Institute appoints an assessor and receives a conflict of interest statement
  5. The Assessor reviews the supplied material and arranges interviews with applicants and referees
  6. The Assessor conducts interviews with applicants and referees
  7. Outcome report drafted and forwarded to the Institute Executive with recommendation
  8. If complete, the Institute’s Engineer Registration Assessment Committee makes a decision; and
  9. The applicant is notified of the result.

What do I need?

Assessment is based on 5 main components:

  1. Evidence of Identification
  2. Evidence of Qualifications
  3. Evidence of Practical Experience
  4. Evidence of Competence
  5. Evidence of ability to carry out professional engineering services without supervision

The ICI Australia assessment portal provides templates and online application for all 5 components. Components 3, 4 and 5 require evidence and 3rd party referees to confirm compliance.

1. Evidence of Identification
Applicants must provide a minimum of 100 points of ID to verify their identity. The 100 points can be made up of varying combinations, however you must use at least 1 primary document as part of the 100 points. Click this link to view accepted documents.

2. Evidence of Qualifications
Applicants are required to upload the original (or certified copy) of documents as evidence of their qualifications.

3. Evidence of Practical Experience
Applicants are required to upload a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or career record providing evidence of their experience as a professional engineer.

4. Evidence of Competence
Applicants are required to upload examples of work undertaken, or a competency report to demonstrate they have the required Stage 2 elements of competency.

5. Evidence of ability to carry out professional engineering services without supervision
Applicants are required to upload a number of written references attesting to the ability to work without supervision in the area being assessed.

Engineer's Registration Queensland


Engineer's Registration Queensland: Who needs to be registered?


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