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What Makes an Employee Happy at Work

What Makes an Employee Happy at Work






What makes an employee happy at work?


Happiness - we all seek it. Yet, it eludes us where needed the most - at workplaces. It is no secret that we will spend majority of our time at our workplaces. Hence, staying happy is critical to our productivity, mental health and job satisfaction.

Despite this, we often ponder as to what makes us happy and why we are not happy!

McKinsey & Company interviewed Lord Richard Layard, a British labour economist, currently working as programme director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and a preeminent happiness researcher, to unravel the key to happiness.

In this interview he shares some surprising results on connecting well-being, mental health, and how employers can play a role in improving their employees' lives at work.

What makes an employee happy at work?

According to Lord Richard Layard, it’s the same things that make people happy in their lives:

  • a sense of belonging,
  • social connections, and
  • a purpose or meaning.

Tera Allas, director of research and economics at the McKinsey Center for Government, asks Lord Layard what role employers can have in improving their workers’ lives in the face of present-day challenges like technological disruption and mental illness.

 To read the full article and interview here.

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