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Which Is Best: The New Or The Old?

Which Is Best: The New Or The Old?

By Olivia Burgin, The Institute of Civil Infrastructure, Courses and Events Coordinator

Whether it’s focusing on a task, going to the gym, taking important phone calls or zoom meetings, all of us use earphones one way or another throughout the day. However, finding the right pair can be tough, so we are here to discuss whether it’s worth it to splurge on a good pair or go for something a little cheaper.

In March 2020, Apple debuted their second-generation earbuds, known more formally as ‘AirPod Pro’. This update features a new design, look and feel, as well as improvements to battery life, and noise cancellation, not only are the earbuds ‘exceptionally easy to use’, but they represent a culmination of years of work on true wireless technology. However, there is more to consider.

Difference No.1 – Noise Cancellation

Probably the most noticeable comparison that can be drawn is that the AirPods Pro actually use active noise cancellation. Alongside that feature, the noise cancellation levels on the Pro can be customized, and can even be turned off completely! The regular AirPods, unfortunately, don’t have any active noise cancellation, and can only offer a noise reduction made effective by their fitted seal.

Difference No. 2 – Water Resistance

If you’re an energetic person, or a gym fanatic, our recommendation is that you should undoubtedly pick up the AirPods Pro as they’re water-resistant, as opposed to the older AirPods. However, that doesn’t mean you should take your new high-end AirPods Pro in the pool with you – if they fall out or stay submerged too long, they will be destroyed!

Difference No. 3 – Look and Feel

The aesthetic differences are up to personal opinion, but the AirPods Pro are a bit shorter and stouter than the regular AirPods. Both look somewhat futuristic, which some find unattractive, and others quite enjoy! Either way, both models are unmistakably 'Apple'.

Difference No. 4 - Price

At $399, the AirPods Pro are significantly more expensive than the regular AirPods $249 that come with a standard case.  If you want to swap out the regular case for the wireless charging case, the price of the regular AirPods jumps to $319, putting it within arm's reach of the AirPods Pro.

It's worth mentioning that both earbud models are said to be getting an upgrade very soon, with rumours of an AirPods 3 and an AirPods Pro Lite. The choice will be different for everyone. If you’re bothered by distractions at work while using your current earbuds, need better equipment for the gym or have sensitive ears, it’s probably worth paying that tiny bit more for the Apple AirPods Pro. But if your main concerns are sound quality or battery life, you can save yourself a lot of money by sticking with the basic AirPods.

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