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Micro Credentials for Mid Career Workers

Micro Credentials for Mid Career Workers

By Josh Hallam, General Manager, Institute of Civil Infrastructure





Once we have entered the workforce in our chosen career, whether it be straight out of school, via an apprenticeship or after tertiary study, then we have completed all the education we need right? Not quite. In today’s world, micro-credentials provide managers and leaders flexible, low-time, low-cost and hyper-targeted learning to further develop.

As the needs of the team you’re managing change, technology advances and industries evolve, it’s important that managers and leaders continue to upskill to stay ahead and stay relevant. Similar to the phone you were using at university is now outdated, so is some of the content you learned.

Results from a report commissioned by Google Australia (see graph) show that over the coming years workers are expected to spend an additional 8,000 hours engaging in education and training over their working lives than managers of the past. That’s an additional 3 hours per week to what we are used to today. Lifelong learning needs to be embraced by industries and organisations to achieve sustainable success, improve employee engagement and maximise business outcomes.

(Future Skills Report, alphabeta, 2018)


As a mid-career worker, flexibility and relevance are the two most important factors to consider when engaging in education, training and professional development. The learning mode and delivery method has to be in alignment with your already busy schedule and competing priorities. Engaging in ongoing lectures at a set time each week for months on end is not ideal, hence the growth of online/distance education platforms.

More important, is the need for relevance in your micro-credential in both the content and context of the learning undertaken. Short, sharp and relevant information, delivered by a reputable and relatable institution or source from your industry provides the impactful, role-related learning required to close your skill gaps and improve your level of capability within your current role.



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