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The Single Most Important Element Of Any Professional Development

The Single Most Important Element Of Any Professional Development

By Josh Hallam, General Manager ICI Australia

You want to learn new skills, grow your capability and position yourself for more responsibility in a higher role. You seek professional development options, of which there is a myriad of options available to you. What is the key element in taking this step? What one single factor is the difference between development that will see you soar as opposed to sink?

In any form of professional development, the relevance of the learning is the key factor. Relevance drives the impact of the learning and the actions taken post-learning therefore driving a solid return on investment – both in terms of time and money.

Too often we invest in and experience programs, seminars and conferences that don’t provide tangible benefits to our role in the organisation or provide little in terms of industry related context. Too often, learning is generic to a particular field or role lacking specificity to enhance our ability or increase our capability through developing new skills and expertise. We end up with pages of notes that take their place in a draw and are frustrated around the cost, both in financial terms and work hours terms.

Organisations like The Institute of Civil Infrastructure are different. We are built for the industry, by the industry, The Institute is not distracted by other interest groups in the engineering world; we are 100% focused on civil and continuing to expand our reach across the civil industry in Australia. As a not for profit entity, we controlled by civil infrastructure industry Members not by bottom line targets or EBITA KPI’s.

The Institute’s Board are all Civil Infrastructure Managers, and they make sure our Program supports only what the people of our industry want and need. The content of our courses and conferences are selected by people in the civil industry. It provides civil specific learning resources for civil supervisors, managers and leaders across all of Australia and we are proud to partner with Civil Contractors Federation state branches to achieve our mission.

If you are investing your time, your money and your effort to grow and develop, ensure you do it with a reputable institution that provides relevant learning to you, your role and your industry. If your employer is putting you on generic training programs because “that’s what we have always done”, show them the light. They, like you, simply don’t have the time to waste.

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