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New Member Services Coordinator

New Member Services Coordinator







Happy New Year, from all the team at The Institute. We wish all our Members a safe and exciting year ahead.

2021 will be a huge year for the civil infrastructure industry and The Institute. We have big plans for the year and look forward to supporting our Members and the industry throughout 2021 and beyond. One such development at ICI is the introduction of Wendy Climpson, our amazing new Member Services Coordinator. Wendy brings a wealth of experience in professional development and customer service, and her focus will be to ensure you, as our Members, have all the support you need to develop professionally and take yourself from where you are in your career, to where you want to be.

This exciting new role at The Institute continues our commitment to supporting people’s futures by providing standards and recognition, continual professional learning and networking opportunities. We do this through supporting our Members to Aspire, Learn, Connect, Be Recognised and Be Rewarded.

We want to wish you all the best in 2021. Make it a year where you take control of your career and achieve something great.

New Member Services Coordinator

Our new Member Services Coordinator, Wendy Climpson, brings to ICI Australia extensive experience in customer service and sales primarily in the community service industry, as well as leadership in the education space.

Her focus is always customer centric, building rapport, and aims to leverage continuous improvement and engagement strategies where possible as Member Service Coordinator with ICI Australia, to provide optimal customer and stakeholder experiences. Outside of ICI, Wendy loves exploration in whatever form presents, whether it’s trying new things or visiting new places.  And coffee.  Her ultimate goal is to be a published author.

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