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Are you looking for fun outdoor activities that the whole family will love? As our world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and our kids are having more screen time than ever before, especially with the introduction of streaming programs such as Netflix and Stan, families are looking for ways to get their kids outdoors and enjoying wide open spaces.

What activities can you choose from that the whole family are going to love? Well, let’s face it you cannot please everyone but we are certain that some of the activities below will make for a fun family day out!

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is a great way to have the family outside and enjoying some of the best produce that is created in our country. The best bit is there is some education involved in terms of learning about different types of produce and whether they come from a tree, vine or plant. Some of the best locations to pick fruit are:

New South Wales

Bilpin – Bilpin is a great location that has fruit available all year round and best bit is it is only a 90-minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Those orchards in this region have had a rough 2019/20 season with fires and floods. Their new seasons open in November 2020, so plan a fun day to get out and pick your fruit for the coming week.

Wiseman’s Ferry - Mandarins is the fruit for the cooler months and what better than to travel 90 minutes from Sydney to Wiseman’s Ferry to Watkins Family Farm, not only can you pick mandarins to your hearts content you also have the opportunity to pat and feed the farm animals.

Young – and let’s not forget the Cherry capital of the NSW, if you’re looking for a fun family weekend away then look no further then Young which also has plenty to see and do. Their cherry festival is usually an opportune time to go so plan around the first week of December. -


There is no better place in Australia then the tropical climates to experience exotic fruits. From top to bottom, Queensland has some of the best fruit picking experiences in our country.

Cairns – Cape Trib Farm is home to some 2,000 rare exotic fruits. They have everything from onsite accommodation (bordering the World Heritage Listed ‘Cape Tribulation National Park’ and beachfront) to fruit tasting tours.

From Gold Coast to Townsville – if strawberries are your thing then there are plenty of fruit picking farms options.

If you are looking for a bit of an overall experience then look no further than Tropical Fruit World – with over 200 acres, Tropical Fruit World’s tour takes you through their orchards, on a wildlife boat cruise and you even get the opportunity to feed the animals. Something for the whole family to enjoy.

Western Australia

From just north of Perth to bottom parts of Western Australia there is an abundance of choices to choose from for your fruit picking outing.

Perth and surrounding regions: From Olives to strawberries to your citrus fruits there is an orchard that caters to all. With only a short drive out of Perth you could be picking your own produce to take home.

From Bunbury to Margaret River to Albany – The lower regions of WA are home to some of the most spectacular scenery including the Margaret River. This trip may require a bit more time so could be ideal as a school holiday adventure. Farms include blueberries, apples, peaches, plums, pears etc

Check out this site that lists all the farms that are open to the public for picking fruit:

Other fun in the sun activities:

For further information on activities, check out:

Visit NSW -

Visit QLD -

Visit WA -

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